Monday, November 9, 2015

3WLT: 11•9•15

They say that second children (and all subsequent children) usually get shortchanged in some way during their lives.  However, I've tried to do my best to keep up with the blog and take as many photos of Theo as I did of Emmett back in the day.  Since I always have my iPhone on me this is usually pretty easy.  I don't take near as many photos of Theo with my nice Canon, though.  I'll sometimes go months without breaking it out.  But a photo is a photo these days, especially when it comes to memory-making.  Sometimes all I need is a blurry iPhone pic to remind me of a moment in time that I would have otherwise forgotten.  And believe me, I've got plenty of blurry iPhone photos!

Unfortunately, the same can't be said of the videos I've taken.  If you were to compare the videos I have posted of the 2 boys, you'd see a score of 75-1.  Yikes!  So, today I'll bump up Theo's total with a nice, long "3 With Little T" clip.  I have a lot of shorter videos of him doing silly things, but with this one I just started recording and let it go like I used with with Em.  You'll notice a few things: 1. Theo likes to say "no" these days and the way he does it (a drawn-out nasal sound) we find quite funny, 2. Theo likes to whine, 3. Theo can point to various body parts (at the end of the vid), and 4. Theo makes me laugh.  This kid is really pretty silly and when he's not driving me crazy asking for food, he's a lot of fun.  Watch the video and see for yourself.

I snapped this because I thought he had fallen asleep, but then he shot me a terrific side eye.
I'll also note that Theo loves to watch these little videos on my phone.  He'll come up to me a request video (aka: beg to watch it repeatedly) until I eventually relent.  This one he calls, simply, "no."  You'll see why.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The State Fair of Texas

We are now in our third year of living in Dallas and we had never been to the state fair...until this year!  Eric had to talk me into it because I'm not really a fair person, but I'm glad I relented because we had a fun time and now we can cross it off our Texas Bucket List.  The State Fair is known for a couple things: Fletcher's Corny Dogs and Big Tex.  I'm happy to say we have now experienced both!

This is currently my favorite family picture.  Even though Theo looks real mad.

Emmett got all patriotic.
So I know that a lot of fairs are big and there are tons of people, but I don't know that any of them quite compare to the State Fair of Texas.  The fair takes over Fair Park here in Dallas and every inch of space is used.

Big Tex even talks!
They filled the old children's museum with some sculptures made with canned food.  It was pretty impressive stuff.

When you looked at and walked over this shark it was cool, but it looked completely 3D in a photo!

Really enjoying Theo as a buxom blonde.

Here Theo is mean mugging the Ronald McDonald impersonator/magician who "entertained" the crowd.

Emmett begged for ice cream and then ate about 1/3 of it so Theo got to finish it up and OH HE DID.

The amazing Fletcher's Corny Dog that lived up to the hype and a Belgian Waffle (which sadly was disappointing).
We got to the fair when it opened at 10 am and watched a dog show, ate some good food, and wandered around for a few hours.  Emmett was pretty unimpressed for the most part, but that all changed when Eric bought some game tickets and we headed to the Midway.

It was pretty busy and Emmett doesn't love crowds, so he was very reserved and didn't want to commit to playing anything.  

Then we came upon this "game" which Emmett must have calculated was the surest bet for getting a toy.  He had spotted a stuffed lobster and was determined to win it.  All he had to do was pick the duck with a MEDIUM stamp on the bottom.  With each ticket he got to pick 2 ducks and the first round was unsuccessful.  So we ponied up again and the nice lady working there took pity on him and let him get a lobster - I don't think he picked a MEDIUM duck, but she kept it hidden.  He was beyond thrilled!  

Once Emmett had his lobster in hand, he was in a great mood, but still didn't want to play any games, so Eric and I sat down at the Kentucky Derby game.  I was TERRIBLE.  I think my horse moved 3-4 spaces, I was so bad.  But Eric WON the damn thing!  Who knew he had such a talent for horse racing?!

Then, we experienced a moment that was like out of a cheesy movie where the dad wins and says, "Tell the man what you want, son!"  Emmett's face lit up with sheer glee.  He picked out a big red stuffed Batman and the lobster was soon relegated to Theo, who couldn't have cared less.  It was such a fun, quintessential fair experience.  It made it worth it, for me.  Well, that and the corny dog.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cousin time in Fayetteville

Back in early October we visited Fayetteville for the weekend and got to see a lot of family, including this little nugget!!

Cooper is as cute as can be and is always dressed to impress (please note the tie!).  We was 9 months old at the time of this about to turn 10 months old.  In that month he's started to crawl! 

Emmett was pretty smitten with Cooper and wanted to hold him whenever he could.  Theo was less interested in him, but I'm sure once he starts eating food that Theo can steal he'll be his BFF.  Also please note that in the pic below Theo and Emmett appear to be closer in age than Theo and Cooper.  Theo and Emmett are nearly 4 YEARS apart and Theo and Cooper are only 10 MONTHS apart.  

Cooper's like please don't drop me!

Emmett was the only one who really sold the hog call.

Gah! Sah cuhte!
Our first attempt at a family pic didn't go super well.  Emmett was in a really goofy mood and Theo had his hands in his mouth (turns out you can't eat those!).

Look at the cheese ball Aunt Sara captured here.  I wish he would show us this great smile more often in photos!

This is about the best we can do for a family pic at this stage of life.  I love it.

One last one with GeeGee and Emmett (Theo couldn't be bothered) from our visit at her house later that day.  We love us some GeeGee!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Theo at the Little Gym

I've been taking Theo to classes at The Little Gym for about a month now.  He really loves it!  His first class was great, he was adventurous and friendly.  His second class must have been a little bit scarier for him, because he was pretty clingy (I remember Emmett did the same thing back when he went), but every class since then he has come into his own a little more.  His favorites are the balance beam (see below) and jumping off of things (anything will do) and the bubbles at the end.

From his second visit...his hair looks like pigtails.

New hairdo! 

Slam dunk, playa!

Way to stick the landing, Theo.

Look at those giant feet!


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Theo's first haircut

I have done the unthinkable.  I cut Theo's hair.  Yes, this adorable curly mess of hair...

Oh, I put it off for a LONG time, though.  I really savored those last few weeks of his hair.  It was getting a bit mullet-ish and his bangs were in his eyes (even though I had given him little trims to delay the eventual cut); I knew the time had come.  

I tried to get an appointment with our hair stylist who comes to our house (!) to cut Emmett's hair (the best thing ever), but she was busy.  I felt bad watching him swat his hair out of his eyes every 5 minutes.  So, I did what I had to do...I made my mom do it.  

I did't have to twist her arm or anything, she likes a good challenge.  She googled a little bit about trimming boys' hair and that's basically as good as going to cosmetology school these days, so I gave her some scissors and let her have at it!  

Also I gave Theo his first sucker and that kept him occupied for a while!  Plus some Elmo videos on my phone.

What the heck are you guys doing?


Our professional salon-style set-up.

At this point I think my mom was trying to pull up a picture to help her wasn't easy!

Round 2.
 The sucker didn't last the entire time, unfortunately.  I had to break out a fudgesicle to keep him occupied for a little bit longer.  Ultimately, my mom did a great job and the finished cut is really cute.  I took some pictures of him the next day at the Little Gym and I'll post those tomorrow.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Mommy and Me at the Dallas Arboretum

This time of year is the best time to go to the Dallas Arboretum.  For one thing, the temperatures are getting cooler because it's finally fall.  (Although it was 95 degrees here yesterday, just thought I'd let you all know that.)  The main reason it's so wonderful at the Arboretum right now is because of the fall exhibit.  I don't know the fancy name for it, so we'll call it Pumpkins Freaking Everywhere! Pumpkin Houses! Piles of Pumpkins!  People Everywhere You Turn Taking Christmas Card Photos! Seriously, there are lots of people at the Arb these days, but that didn't stop Theo and I from going on a Monday during their Mommy and Me mornings.  

Pumpkin village 

"Perhaps you'd be interested in this tiny pumpkin."

"No, I can see you are not right for this pumpkin."

Missing his cuuurrrrllllllllssssss.....

Best selfie taker in the game right now. 

Theo wasn't too keen on face-painting so we checked out the petting zoo.  He was shy at first and then he saw some kids brushing animals and his eyes grew wide and he entered Brush Animal Mode and no animal was safe for about 15 minutes.

Brushing goats who are pretty chill.

Brush turns into weapon when held by toddler.

Gotta get that kid on a farm.
We met up with my friend Areta and her family and I got a pic of her youngest, Emma, and Theo who, despite looking a good year older than her is actually the younger of the two.  19 months old.  Size 3T clothes.  Don't worry about it, guys.

Can you spot the bird between them?  They were oblivious.

He's a natural model, I didn't direct this at all.  Call me, Tyra.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Grandma and Boppa visit

Way back before school started we had some special visitors come to Dallas - Grandma and Boppa! We had to take a picture by the red "hog" outside of Cane Rosso, our fave pizza place.

I took a few pictures from our adventure at the Dallas World Aquarium, and yes it was an adventure because a few seconds after we loaded Theo into the stroller in the parking lot it started to pour down rain!  We raced to the building to get some shelter.  Little did I know that we would have to walk halfway around the building before we found the entrance.  :/  We were nice and soggy when we finally made it inside and I requested that we all pose for a soggy selfie.  It's a new thing...go with it.  

In the excitement and frenzy of the rain when we arrived, I neglected to pay the parking meter and get a pass for the windshield.  Arg!  We just missed the ticket guy by about 10 minutes, too.  Bummer.  My lovely in-laws paid the ticket for me though, which I never properly thanked them for.  Thank you, Karen and Kirt!

The huge glass wall is always a favorite stop.

Theo spots a catfish

oohhh, neon

Shark tunnel!

Emmett is unimpressed by the sharks, I guess.

We had a great time with Grandma and Boppa during their visit even though I don't have many photos to show for it.  See y'all again soon!


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