Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas in Idaho (pt. 2)

I left off on Christmas Eve day, so I'll pick up that night - the excitement was palpable.  Emmett is at such a fun age for all the anticipation.  He loved reading the Polar Express and leaving cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

The next thing you know, it was Christmas morning!  The boys racked up some goodies, although Theo mostly enjoyed playing with all of Cooper's big gifts.  Emmett was really just biding his time until he got some Legos (saved those for last!).

"Someone get me an outside line!!" / Cooper blending in with the Christmas decor.
A family shot Christmas morning, post presents.

A broke out the good camera (gasp!) and requested a couple pics of the boys in their "nice clothes."

You can just tell that Theo is a troublemaker...I think it's the eyebrows.

Sweet, sweet Emmett.

Later on Christmas morning, we loaded up to drive over to Eric's Aunt Kathie and Uncle Richard's house - which is about the most picturesque setting you can ask for on Christmas.  They have horses, peacocks, swans, was a fun time!

The boys also enjoyed the pool table.

That evening we had our third present-opening of the day with Eric's mom's side of the family.  My kids were big fans of this tin of Trader Joe's chocolates (which wasn't even ours!).

Family pic at the end of a wonderful day.

Eric read the boys a bedtime story and that rocker will never be the same.

This is the only pic I have from our flight back.  I believe this is during our first flight, which was nice and easy.  I don't have any pics to document our second flight, which was re-routed to Austin when the Dallas airport shut down due to weather.  I was so nauseous I could barely speak.  Emmett vomited twice and I was basically a vegetable.  Eric took the reigns for both kids so I could try and recover and Theo was a champ, as well.  There were moments I thought that we would not make it home that night.  I was near tears so many times!  But we did eventually make it home, and we had to hit the ground running because we would begin packing up to move to Fayetteville in just 3 short days!

There are many more photos of our Idaho vacation in the December photo album, if you'd like to see!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas in Idaho (pt. 1)

I think it's about time I posted about our Christmas vacation! I'm post-dating this because I want it to be included in my book for 2015, but let the record show it is now February 9th, 2016.  Nearly Valentine's Day...I've never been so behind before!

This year we traveled to Idaho Falls on the Monday before Christmas.  We had an early flight and the boys were good travelers.  Once Theo figured out there were planes near us he was in heaven.  Em took on the role of protective older brother and experienced flyer.  

Once in Idaho we did some Christmas activities - we visited Santa (technically, as close as we got was behind the picket fence), rode on some motorized cars at the mall, baked Christmas cookies and looked at Christmas lights.

We also did a fair share of lounging around and playing with Legos (Emmett) and generally hamming it up (Theo).

On our second day we grabbed pancakes at Smitty's and then went back to Grandma and Boppa's to play in the snow.  Both boys LOVED it!  I knew Emmett would, he's played in snow before, but I as unsure if Theo would like it.

He slowly warmed up to it and by the end he was using the snow shovel and throwing snowballs like an old pro.  

It helped that it was fairly warm that day with not much wind, so even I enjoyed myself outside.  

The boys loved being pulled on the sled.

Theo was such a cute little muffin in his snow gear, but make no mistake - gloves are IMPOSSIBLE to put on a toddler.

Later that night, Eric's extended family came up from Pocatello and we decorated Christmas cookies, as is family tradition.  Emmett was again awarded the honor of "Most Sprinkles Used."  Theo just liked helping to mix the frosting and then eat it, he wasn't much in the way of decorating.

The following morning (Christmas Eve), we all put on our best outfits (matching ones, in some cases) and went to have family photos taken.  I will share the results in another post, but I will say that matching shirts can only get you so far in the way of good behavior.

After family photos we came home and I requested one family photo outside in the snow.

I think I'll put the rest of the Christmas photos in another post, since this is getting rather long and we haven't even made it to Christmas day yet!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Theo lately

Here are some pictures of our Theo from the last few months.  This boy is a handful!  He's always on the go, unless he's eating (which is often) or has his "things" (which I have failed at keeping only in the crib).  He is constantly jabbering on and on, typically repeating things several times until he feels heard, and then a few more times for good measure.  He is sweet as can be and doles out hugs and kisses quite often, even to new friends.  I'll do a better write up of him when he turns TWO in just over a MONTH!  For now, some favorite photos...

Playing in the TV cabinet, as one does...

Entranced in a show, likely Sesame Street (the "Elmo bubbles" episode is a fave).

Theo in a dominant pose over the ducks and turtles.

He looks like he belongs on that big kid swing, doesn't he?

He's got a killer smile (this is a genuine one, the one he makes when you ask him to "mile" is even better).

Creature encounter.  Take that, Wild Kratts!

Ignore the snot drips and this is a pretty cute pic!

Theo likes Legos just like his bro, and especially likes building towers.

The new spring blankie fashions.  You saw it at Kroger first.

Also in fashion? Extreme bed head.

A rare moment of sleep outside the crib.

Playing with bubbles!

Playing with (or eating) yogurt!

Emmett lately

Emmett is now five and a half years old.  His favorite things are Legos, wearing pajamas, snack time, and drawing pictures.  He also loves his brother, but that love is not very well-received just yet, which most of the time leads to fights.  He does well in school and likes going every day, he even took to wearing a belt and tucking in his shirt for a while!  He's a sweet kid and very smart, sometimes too smart for his own good (aka a sass-master). 

Deep in thought...

A typical scene in our dining room/Lego station

Animal tricks!

Anyone seen this hardened criminal?

He builds Legos like a boss.

He also wore a vest this day and I wanted to squeeze him so hard!

Sometimes I just don't even know...
Eric took the boys to the zoo this day and Em went up and ordered this ice cream cone all by himself.  He had money but the nice lady let him have it for free.  He felt pretty awesome about himself.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 (Fayetteville)

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving in Fayetteville again and were able to see all of my immediate family, plus Sara and her fam.  It had been SO long since the cousins had seen each other, since June at my cousin Hannah's wedding! They were very excited to see each other and (most of the time) they played really well together.  They did a lot of coloring and iPad games.  Here are some photos from our visit...

Family selfie on turkey day - we were about to play in the leaves.

Cousins coloring together.  Surprise! Theo is eating!

Em, Theo and I with my mom's cousin Melissa, who took a real shine to Em and he LOVED her.  

They were like old friends, it was so cute.  She played the piano and sang Christmas Carols and he thought she was the most awesome person in the world!

Theo fell asleep while watching a show in my arms.  I died from the adorableness.

Let me stress - THIS NEVER HAPPENS! I took 20 pictures of him like this.

All the boys together...looks like someone is under dressed. :/

The older cousins went to see The Good Dinosaur with (the very brave) Parker.

Theo stayed behind and enjoyed all the attention.

The boys fell asleep during a 10 minute drive to Slim Chickens.

Emmett loves him some Cooper!

Classic selfie action (please note Cooper and Theo's faces).

A common scene: iPad playing, cape wearing, gun shooting...good stuff!
Happy Thanksgiving!


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