Friday, February 20, 2015

Baby led weaning update

Hamming it up for the camera (9 months old)

When I decided to try baby led weaning with Theo I was cautiously optimistic.  I read the book written by the two women who formally brought the idea back to the mainstream and felt like I fully agreed with what they had to say.  I also read lots of blog posts from moms who'd tried it successfully.  But the kicker was that I didn't have much to lose.  I'd already tried it one way with Emmett and I knew that I needed to do something differently.  Now, as we are nearly six months into the BLW method, I'm prepared to call it a resounding success!

Any time we are with other people while Theo eats I always see the same, wide-eyed, mouth-agape stares while he picks up whatever is on his tray.  People laugh incredulously at how he grabs bite after bite, hungry for more.  He is a terrific eater.  He has no fear when it comes to food.  He often eats the same thing Emmett does at restaurants and typically eats more of it.  

I wrote about our beginning phase of BLW about 5 months ago.  After that post, we entered a very messy, exploratory phase with things like casseroles, spaghetti and yogurt that get everywhere no matter how good of an eater you may have.  I used to clean up tons of food off the floor.  I'd have to wipe down his entire high chair and cleaning his face and hands was no easy task.  There were days when I thought what I wouldn't give just to sit him in his chair and put a couple Cheerios in front of him and call it a day.  Yes, the mess does get to be annoying/never-ending.  But in the end, that messy part doesn't last too long, maybe 3 or 4 months.

Noodle casserole (8 months old)

Spaghetti (8.5 months old)

Curry with rice (8.5 months old)

Momsie's spaghetti (9 months old)

Tacos, deconstructed (9 months old)

Now, at 11 months old, we've entered a new phase of BLW that is less messy and more fun.  Theo has favorite foods and stuff that he doesn't like.  He's tried every single thing that I've ever put on his tray!  I know a lot of parents can't say that about their kids. I certainly can't say it about my firstborn. ;) I really think that the BLW approach gave Theo all the control with his food.  I wasn't shoving a spoon in his mouth, telling him what to eat and when to stop.  He could pick foods up, feel them, squeeze them, rub them on his tray, his face, whatever.  It was HIS choice and I think that makes all the difference.  He loves to eat (and it shows)!  

Mango hair styling gel (10.5 months old)

Yogurt bite beauty mark (10.5 months old)

For posterity's sake, here's a list of Theo's favorite foods and foods that he just doesn't go for.

Anything in pasta sauce (rotinis are an easy grab)
Macaroni and cheese
Bean and cheese burritos

Doesn't like:
Big pieces of meat (he'll eat shredded meat mixed in with things)

Mid-bite of a clementine (11.5 months old)
For those wondering, Theo was completely weaned at 11 months.  At 9 months he dropped the mid-night feeding.  At 10 months he dropped the lunch feeding.  At 10.5 months he dropped the dinner feeding and then two weeks later he dropped the morning feeding.  I basically just skipped a feeding session and replaced it with food and I never met any resistance.  It was very easy, especially near the 10 month mark when he was essentially only nursing from one side for about 5 minutes at each feeding.

Long story short, I highly recommend trying baby led weaning!  I've already passed my book along to Kari who is going to start with Connor in just a few weeks.  Hopefully this post will shed some light on the method and our success with it.  Happy eating!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Month by Month: Eleven

The top picture in the collage above?  It is you all the time.  Always with the mouth hanging open this month.  Maybe you like showing off your new tooth?  Perhaps it's a time-saver: with your mouth always open an ear-piercing shriek can be delivered in mere fractions of a second.  Or maybe you are so busy learning new things that you don't have time to close it?

And you have been busy observing and learning this month, Theo.  You understand that when I say "no-no" you are supposed to shake your head.  Obviously, keep doing whatever bad thing it is you're doing, because mastering the head shake is the key objective.  So far it looks more like you're trying out to be a human bobble head, so keep practicing (it's pretty adorable).

The other trick you've learned this month is to get down low on your belly to look under the couch for things.  One day you saw a toy go under there so you crawled on over and down you went, pulling yourself forward so you could grab it.  I must say I was pretty impressed.  Even more so because your brother had just asked me to get him a toy that had fallen off the very couch he was sitting on.  Either way, well done to you for your resourcefulness.  Please keep developing this trait.

I must also address the walking...rather, the non-walking.  I would've bet money that you'd have been walking by now.  You are pretty steady when you walk with our hands helping you.  You do a great job when cruising, and I've seen you take a step or two between grab-able objects.  But almost all attempts to get you to walk to us have failed.  I say "almost all" because you did take about 4 or 5 steps to me one day early this month but you have not repeated it.  Honestly, I think you are too fast of a crawler to worry with walking.  Walking will be a slower option by far and if I know you, you aren't very intrigued by the option of slowing down.

That option sounds pretty good to me, though.  Because how did we get here so fast, bub?  This year is a big blur to me.  I've already forgotten the midnight wake-up calls, the screaming fits for no reason, the huge messes made at your high chair.  All I see is this baby who's not so much a baby anymore and isn't slowing down into toddlerhood.  I've got one more month to soak in all the baby stuff.  I know you'll be one step ahead of me as you turn one, but I'll always be behind you, buddy.


PS. For all the photos of eleven month old Theo, visit the February photo album.
PPS. Emmett at eleven months old!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello, mini Cooper

Look who decided to come out exactly on his due date!  Cooper James Floyd, our newest nephew, was born on January 1st early in the morning.  We were in Little Rock when we heard the news and we just couldn't resist extending our trip back to Fayetteville to meet the little guy.  He didn't disappoint!  He was cute and tiny and the sweetest little bub.  His mom and dad were beaming with pride and his mama especially is a champ because NO epidural! Fist bump to you, mama, I feel your pain/joy.  ;)  Here are some pics of Cooper on his birthday.

So alert for one day old!

Uncle Eric and the lightest baby he's ever held.

Emmett was very excited about Cooper and wanted to hold him right away.

He then proceeded to find his tiny fingers and toes and nose and eyes...

"What's the big fuss, guys?"

"You people are strange looking."

Em, Aunt Sara/mama and mini Cooper

I spy some toesies!

Go Hogs!

Oldest Grandson and youngest Grandson (Theo was at home asleep, but he met Cooper the next day.)
The next day we went over to Sara and Kenni's to spend a little bit more time with Cooper and everyone.  We attempted to get some grandson photos and these are the best ones.  Theo was beyond tired and had reached his squinty/squeal phase.  Oh well!

Now those are some nice, natural smiles boys.  :/

We are so glad we were able to be there for Cooper's first days.  What a special time.  Before too long he'll be squinting and squealing it up with the rest of 'em!  Welcome to the family, Coop!

See all the grandson photos in the January photo album.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Kathryn's 30th birthday and New Year's Eve

This year we did something that we never ever do on New Year's Eve - we went to a party!  Yes, the lame homebodies left the house and stayed out late (but not 'til midnight, we are still pretty lame) to celebrate Kathryn's 30th birthday, which was on the exact same night.  The theme was a roaring 20s party, so we donned sequins and suspenders, newsboy caps and pearls to get in the spirit.  We had a blast!  We ate and drank well, chatted with other flappers and gangsters and took a lot of selfies.  Here are some photos from the night.

Our favorite selfie, which we shared on Instagram so that people would know we had left the house on NYE.

The birthday girl figuring out how in the hell to hold a (fake) cigar.

My mom and I in a selfie...melfie?

Please note my dad's spats (satin shoe coverings) which my mom worked very hard on (the night before/day of) and which we had to document with this photo.  See how he's holding his pant leg up?  Spats on FULL DISPLAY!

More ridiculous selfies.
Kathryn's family and friends really got into it and went all out with their outfits.  These group photos show how awesome everyone looked.

I took a quick video of Kathryn dancing with Parker to some 20s tunes.  Kathryn was dancing in some way almost every time I saw her.  She really enjoyed her night and we enjoyed celebrating her 30 years!  Happy birthday, Kathryn, we love ya!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Month by Month: Ten

This stage of your first year is so fun because your little personality is peeking through more each day.  You've got a big toothless (for now!) smile that lights up the room.  But despite your mega-watt grin, you don't relish the limelight.  If people are laughing at something you've done, you're more likely to stop and do something else than to keep at it for more attention.

You are a quiet, determined boy.  On a recent road trip to Fayetteville you sat in your carseat for nearly an hour with no toys.  All you had was a binkie in your mouth and your beloved blankie.  You moved and studied that blankie with such curiosity and amusement that your dad and I gave each other matching side eyes.  I think we were each silently thinking, "Don't say anything but can you believe he's been doing that for so long?"

On normal days you are happiest with any toy with wheels that you can push around.  You have even been known to push books around the floor.  All with deceptive speed, especially for someone who really only uses one leg to crawl.  And crawl you do, all over the living room and play room, but your favorite is going up the step into the kitchen.  We say "no no" and you turn around and give us a look that says, "I'm going up here no matter what you say, you know."

Every day I am impressed by your determination.  You will stick with something until you get it and you don't look for help from anyone.  Some days that looks like reaching for a slippery peach that fell in your lap at lunch time.  Other days it looks like climbing our entire staircase on your first attempt.  For better or worse, once you set your mind to something, it's going to get done.

It's been quite a ride with you so far, bub.  Just try and take it easy on us from here on out. ;)

To see all of Theo's ten months photos, visit the January photo album.

PS. Emmett at ten months!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas, part 2

This year we were able to do something for the first time that I had been anticipating for a long while!  We spent our first Christmas in our own home.  Don't get me wrong, I love our families and we have a great time celebrating with them.  But there is something special about hanging up stockings knowing they will be filled up with goodies and wrapping presents that stay under your tree until the big day.  It felt like a rite of passage baking cookies with Emmett and leaving some out for Santa (with carrots for the reindeer, of course).  I tried to relish every minute of it.  

Eric wanted to continue his family's tradition of a Christmas Eve present (new jammies), so Em got some cozy pants and an Optimus Prime shirt.  

Theo went the more standard Christmas jammies route, in fact these were from Eric's mom earlier in the season.  Shhh, don't tell him he didn't really get a Christmas Eve present!

I also included this little puzzle in Emmett's present.  It was $3 from Target and talk about bang for your buck.  I think the guys spent 30 minutes to an hour putting it together.  It was a very intricate 3D stegosaurus.

Then came the fun part!  After both boys were sound asleep, we put all the presents under the tree.  Of course, Santa came and put his out after even we had gone to bed.  

I didn't do much decorating all over the house, but our front room with the tree made me quite happy.  This table was right across from the tree and I taped up holiday cards as we received them.  It was nice seeing everyone's faces all the time.  

Here are our (giant) stockings all filled with goodies.  Plus the mantle that got a little Christmas touch.  

It looks like Santa liked those cookies we made for him!  And the reindeer left only a tiny piece of carrot, too.

On Christmas morning the boys got up around the normal time of 7.  Eric went down first to start the video camera and then we headed downstairs.  Emmett was pretty excited, especially when he saw new presents out and a big one that said his name.  

Theo was pretty excited to get his own baby cell phone, but he still likes mama's the best. :/

During the whirlwind present opening.

The aftermath...

"Don't tell brother, but I'ma steal this giant Lego and use it as a car, mmmk?"

A Christmas miracle: they are both looking and smiling!

During Theo's first nap Emmett broke out his new lab set and did a few experiments.  He had a fun time using the tweezers and test tubes.  

Later that night after Theo had gone to bed (sorry you missed all the fun, bud!) Emmett wanted to work on his new Lego set.  Eric picked this out.  It's a police transporter with policeman and 2 criminals and an escape vehicle.  So right up Emmett's alley!  The set said ages 5-12 so Eric sat down to help him, but Emmett was quite a natural with the Legos.  He's done a couple of the small Lego building sets before but nothing this complex.  It was very impressive to watch him do it.  Eric kept saying, "You're a natural at this" and how he was very impressed.  At one point after he had finished building his set, Eric had gone upstairs, Emmett asked me, "Am I a natural at this?" and I kind of chuckled and said, "Yeah, I think so" and he said, "Dad said I was. I should have said 'Thank you.'"  Hahaha!  Well look who's sort of developing his manners?!

Such concentration!

What a great Christmas!  It was all that I hoped it would be.  If you want to see all of the photos from our family Christmas celebration, visit the December photo album.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas, part 1

This year we spent the weekend before Christmas in Fayetteville celebrating with my side of the family.  We called it "early Christmas" to help Emmett understand that Christmas hadn't really happened yet for everyone else.  It threw me off a lot though because even though it was only December 20th, it felt like Christmas had passed!  Don't worry, I rallied for our first ever Christmas morning in our own home.  That's a story for another post though.  Here are some photos from our "early Christmas" in Fayetteville.

After a fun faux Christmas morning we lounged around and played with new toys and took lots of naps.  Later that day we all headed over to Daddy Sid and Kay's house for a Davis family Christmas party.  This is one of my favorite traditions of the season and I'm lucky we've been able to go for the past three years in a row.  Here are some photos from the party.

What a fun Christmas!  And remember, it's only December 20th by this point.  ;)  If you'd like to see all of the photos from the early Fayetteville Christmas, visit the December photo album.


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