Thursday, October 8, 2015

My mom-heart explodes

One random weekend evening we decided to go out for ice cream and ended up taking a picture with a giant hot dog.  

Ordinarily this wouldn't be something I'd post to the blog, but something happened after this picture was taken that needed to be seen by everyone ever.

All three of my guys held hands for a brief while and I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.  But gets better!

Here's the deal.  I know most people are probably like, uh yeah my kids hold hands all the time, nbd.  Well.  Mine do not.  Theo is not a hand-holder.  He refuses to hold my hand.  He will hold one finger on the way down our stairs, but that's all he can muster.  And typically if his brother is attempting to get near him in any way, he will scream.  Their's is not the smiley-happy relationship that I often wish it was.  They both need their space, I guess.  There's lots of screaming in our house when they play together.  

Now maybe you can see why I grabbed my camera and took 10 pictures and then a video of them holding hands because WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?!  

Yes, I know that Emmett is basically holding Theo's wrist, but JUST GIVE ME THIS ONE, OK?!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Emmett's first Career Day

Emmett's school recently had College Week to promote awareness of continuing education after high school.  He got to wear his favorite college t-shirt (WPS!) one day and another he got to wear sunglasses (because his future is so bright, har-har), but the highlight of his week (year?) was getting to wear a paleontologist outfit on career day.  

I ordered a safari vest (close enough!), some digging tools and a pith helmet from Amazon.  They arrived a couple days before he could wear them so he wore them basically every other waking moment until the day finally arrived.  He was so excited.  I (obviously) took some pictures on the big day.

Gotta get one with brother for good measure.

Feeling all the feelings!

His name tag reads: "Doc. Emmett Paleontologist" and there is a sun and a fossil on it. 

Checking out his special tools.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Theo's first day of MDO!

Theo began a Mom's Day Out program at the beginning of September.  He goes 2 days a week from 9-2.  The first couple of weeks were tough, there was a lot of crying involved (mostly him) at drop off and even once at pick-up.  Around week 3 he eased up on the crying and now it seems like he's really doing great.  To be fair, his teachers said that even in the first few weeks he still had a good time, after some initial sadness.  

He has 2 teachers and they are both super sweet ladies.  Always at pick up one of them says (in her strong accent), "He did great, he eat ALL his lunch!"  And I always nod like yeah...that's sorta his thing.  He goes to discovery class (ie: playing with bubbles, etc.) and music class (ie: banging on things, etc.) and they get to play outside.  How could he not have a blast?! This mama needed some time to herself as well and it has been glorious.  

Theo on the morning of his first day.  Totally unaware of the trauma to follow...

Theo's report from the first day.

Theo playing in the sandbox at the Popsicle Party 2 weeks before school started.

So cute.  But hey buddy I thought you hated sand... :/

Theo checking out music instruments at Meet the Teacher Day.

Theo nails the photo booth with props!  

Zonked out on his nap mat (trying it out at home first!).  Please notice all the teeth marks on his crib.

Monday, September 21, 2015

18 months old

In the past couple of months Theo has really changed from baby-phase to toddler-phase.  Aside from the fact that he already looks like (and weighs as much as) a preschooler, he's begun to talk a bunch and understands more and more of what we say to him.  Now when he doesn't do what we ask we know he's just willfully disobeying us!  Oh, the screaming...

Here's some of the stuff Theo's been up to:

• loves to watch Sesame Street.  He especially loves Elmo (the power that he has over toddler-age kids is alarming) and his "ish" Dorothy.

• likes to dress up in Emmett's old Batman costume.  Man, he thinks he is such a baller when he wears it!

• loves to wave at people.  He loves waving "bye bye" to Daddy and this has snowballed into waving goodbye/hello to perfect strangers everywhere we go.  Has a toddler that you don't know ever waved at you?  Isn't it just the best?

Pack'n'Play: maxed out
• switched to one nap at noon.  So much better than two naps!

• says thank you ("dane do-ah") all the time.  This kid has some crazy awesome manners.  Every time he gets something (food, a toy, more food, etc.) he says it.  Even his teachers at MDO commented on his good manners! It sounds like "thank you-ah" which is a new thing, I don't know where that little "ah" at the end came from.

Big fan of Grandma's raspberry jam

Why doesn't applesauce come in anything but pouches??

Eating his homemade smoothie popsicle with his nap hair lookin' tight.

• enjoys some new food - pickles, apples, feta cheese, garlic chickpeas, Spaghettio's (mostly the meatballs!)

• says more words:
  - "wass wass" - wash wash (while washing his hair in the bath)
  - "wa-weh" - water
  - "aay aay" - hot hot
  - " ah dah" - all done
  - "doo wheee" - two, three (and then goes running!)
  - "ahh oooohhh" - a who (from his Peek-a-Who book that he loves (shout out to Werhmans for that rec!))
  - "beep beep beep" - makes this noise when our trunk closes
  - "white" - light
  - "beebee" - baby
  - "bahts" - bites, of the yogurt variety
  - "pess" - please
  - "tiss tiss" - kiss kiss
  - "ahs" - socks
  - "oosh" - shoes
  - "bapple" - apple
  - "di-dul" - pickle
  - "dees" - cheese
  - "nana" - banana
  - "atch dis" - watch this (this proceeds basically everything he does now)
Animal words:
  - "dah" - dog
  - "ish" - fish
  - "deh dul" - turtle
  - "peh" - pig
  - "ew" - cockroach, lol
  - "weyen" - lion
  - "dahky" - ducky
At his MDO playground.

Here are his stats:
Weight: 34 lbs. (over 95%)
Height: 36.25" (over 100%)
Head Circ.: 48 cm

At the park with his lady friend, Sibley.
Not a day goes by that someone (friend or stranger) doesn't comment on how big he is or how happy he is.  And it's true, he is the height of a 2.5 year old and the weight of a 3.5 year old!!  He's also very easy going and smiley and he plays well with others.  At home, he can be a handful because he's always in the pantry finding food!  When he doesn't get food when he wants it he can be a real beast.  He can scream and squeal and throw a tantrum like no one's business.  

Mostly, he is a sweet, sweet boy and growing up so fast!  I can't bring myself to cut his curls!  They are his one last shred of baby-ness.  :(

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Family beach pics {Seaside, FL}

While we were at the beach we did the requisite beach thing and took family photos by the water.  I think you have to take these pics to prove you went on vacation. The sun was shining right on us at first, but then the clouds came in and we got some where we could actually open our eyes! 

It's best to match your clothes to the ocean, FYI.

Family photo fail.

Theo looks like he wants to kill the photographer.

Did we mention how Theo hated the sand?

Emmett loved everything about the ocean...except swimming in it.

Yes! A decent family shot! Success!

We should have quit while we were ahead.  :/ 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our summer vacation {Seaside, FL}

One month ago today our family loaded up the car for an 11-hour drive to Seaside, Florida.  This was officially our first big family vacation.  We rented a big house to share with my friends Kari and Brittnee and their families.  Six adults.  Seven kids.  One week.  It was fun, crazy, loud, sandy and exhausting - in a good way.  

As soon as we got to the beach Emmett was in heaven.  He didn't seem afraid of the water at all and he got completely soaked that first night (all the kids did!).  He enjoyed the night visits to the beach best.  Em also did a lot of "swimming" at the beach house pool - it had a long landing that was about a foot deep and he liked to stay on it and play.  He still doesn't know how to swim and I don't know that he has any desire to do so.  But that doesn't mean he didn't enjoy the water!

Theo didn't have as much fun at the beach as his brother did.  He apparently hates the way sand feels and wouldn't walk on it without crying.  We only took him to the beach once with the whole gang.  We took him into the water with us so he can say he's been in the ocean.  He did enjoy our night at The Lot (a cool open air spot with a bunch of food trucks, astro turf, bean bag chairs and a stage), but it was hard not to have a good time there.  And he was generally a well-behaved munchkin who was game for adventure.  

The boys got in some good brother-bonding time.  And they enjoyed hanging out with Daddy, especially!

We attempted a selfie at The Lot, but Kari had other we tried again after our night out.  We ended up at a book store like the nerds that we are!

The boys also had a lot of fun with their friends all week.  It was pretty great to have built-in buddies all the time.  The middle picture is the house where we stayed (The Treehouse).

We did our fair share of eating during the trip!  We sampled some delicious donuts, ice cream-cookie-sandwiches, popsicles, grilled cheese and more!

I had a blast with my "mingos" too!  Flamingos are trendy right now so we embraced it and we're hoping it will be a thing.  We posed like Beyonce with our own wind machine, we took several morning walks, we had a "moms day out" at the beach complete with mojitos, and we even managed to give Brittnee a big hug!  Also, Kari held Brittnee and I in the palm of her hand - or that's what we were going for in this failed photo op in the top left corner.

I took a bunch of pictures of beach houses because they are so adorable!

I also got a bunch of sunrise photos because a certain toddler kept waking up before the sun and then would not go back to bed.  Room sharing is not our jam.  But, if there's one place where I didn't mind getting up early, it was here.

Finally, we all got one big group picture at The Treehouse.  The plan was a group shot at the beach, but of course the day we decided to do that a big thunderstorm came through!  It would have been a hot mess anyway.  

So that was our vacation in a nutshell!  I'm sure I'm forgetting things, but I'm just deliberately NOT posting photos or video from our Lip Sync Battle Night because that is better left unseen by the general public.  Although I will tell you that I "sang" Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley and I didn't totally butcher it.  Also, Eric refused to sing which may not surprise anyone.  All in all, what a great vacation!  Can't wait to do it again in ten years! ;)

Check out all of the photos in the August photo album.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Days at the pool

Over the summer we went to our friends' pool a couple of times and the boys had a lot of fun.  I should say, Emmett had fun hanging on the steps because he can't swim and Theo had fun lounging on pool chairs eating snacks!  My children are indoor types. :/

This is Theo's friend, Sibley, who is only a week older than him.  They are about the two most different kids on Earth!  But they have a lot of fun together.

Baby. Speedo.  I mean.

Hanging out at Sibley's apartment afterwards where the boys had a blast getting out all of her toys.

I had to share this short video because 1. Theo is in his baby speedo and 2. he just cracks me up with his bounding around and snack possessiveness.


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