Thursday, June 23, 2016

Emmett's sixth birthday party

If you know Emmett even a tiny bit, you know he loves Legos.  We have several million in our home.  One of the best ideas anyone has ever had is to open a store where kids come and pay money to build Legos for hours and hours.  Genius.  I'm sad I didn't think of it.  Well, some smart people in Fayetteville DID - it's called Brick by Brick and Em loves it there.  Frankly, I love it too.  He can play with new Legos and I don't have to find yet another storage container for all. the. pieces.  They've even got other toys set up (a play kitchen, trucks, bigger blocks) so that if kids get bored of playing with Legos (never!) they can take a break.  It's perfect for younger kids, too.  That's why we decided to have Em's birthday party there this year.  The kids had a great time.  Duh.  Here are some pics!

Em. Eric and some boys from his class doing some building.

The first game - pin the head on the Lego man.  It was shockingly easy.

This big dude just counting down til cupcake time.

Em and his BFF Finley.  Seriously, it's the cutest.

Intense focus right there.

Building towers for the next game....


The kids really got into it.

Emmett's reaction during the Happy Birthday song. Priceless.

Another gem.

"Oh what? I'm six now, it's NBD."

His time has come.  He was the ONLY child to eat the whole cupcake, btw.

Destroying the toy zone.

This was a lot of fun for them until Theo knocked it down moments later. :/

Parties are boring but books are pretty much the best things ever.

Annnnnd, this is about the time the kids went bizerk.

Starting with this one right here.

This sums the party up perfectly.

And this is also amazing.
Happy birthday, bud!  Next year we will probably take you out to a movie with one friend, so I hope you had a great time!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy 6th birthday, Emmo!

Emmett's sixth birthday fell on the first day of summer vacation, and I can't think of a better gift for a kid who would live in his onesie pajamas if he could.  Well, I CAN think of a better gift because Emmett probably "reminded" me about a bazilliondy times that he wanted a new Bionicle Lego figure - Umarak the Hunter.  Spoiler alert: he got it.

We had a few celebrations for Emmett this year - one with his classmates at Brick by Brick, a donut tower breakfast with just our little fam and a bigger group of family that came to dinner over Memorial Day weekend.  I'd say this little dude was rightly celebrated and even indulged a little bit - he stayed in that onesie all morning AND got to change back into after lunch out with dad!  Here are some pics from our family celebrations...

Donut tower with candles (try and contain your excitement, guys).

Post song and wish, I wonder if it came true?!?!

It did.

Right before the big blow attempt, which, despite the huge inhale, didn't even blow out one candle!

Cutie with his donut cake.

GeeGee dropped by our house that afternoon to give Emmett some birthday love.

Then she got a first-hand lesson on Umarak the Hunter, yipee!
My brothers and their families, Sara and her fam and my mom and dad came over to our house for dinner over Memorial Day.

Emmett opening his first gifts - more Legos!

Taking a cupcake break before the rest of the presents.

Cupcake and a smile.

Nothing about this photo is surprising.

Who says you need pants to have a good time, right Drew?

Emmett wants to open presents like now.

First gift - a Lego ideas book that he was promptly obsessed with.

A bike helmet.  Hey, that would go great with a bike!
So, after Theo's Strider bike was a big hit, we decided to get one for Emmett, too.  We hemmed and hawed over it because Emmett doesn't really get into athletic activities of any kind :/ but ultimately, we decided to go for it and hope for the best.  His initial reaction was purely what you would expect, he ignored the bike for his Lego ideas book.  After some time we did get him on the bike and he tried a few runs on our back patio.  It's been about a month and he's made some huge progress and feels a lot more comfortable on the bike.  We are looking forward to some family bike rides in the future!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Life lately

It's been a good 2 months since I've updated the blog and those 2 months have been very eventful.  At the beginning of April we bought our first home in Fayetteville after over 3 months of searching.  Then, we had to wait another month to actually close on the house and move in.  I can't wait to share photos of the house and update you on how we are liking it now that we've been here for almost a month.  Spoiler alert: it's awesome!  I will update the blog with pics soon, but first I wanted to share a little bit about our April and May before all those little memories are forgotten.

Here's what we did in April:

• Emmett took school pics at Root (so natural!)

• A lot of people showered Alex and baby Warren with love and gifts (and I only took 2 pics :/)

• Theo got another haircut (and ate 4 suckers in doing so because the woman was new and took forever!)

• Summer stylin'

• I hung out with my besties and went on some fun Fayetteville adventures that included brunch at the Farmer's Table, a trip to Aldi, me buying a "fiddle-dee-fig" tree, and chips and queso at Tacos4Life.

• I took these sweet boys to Shake's after school one day (as a reward for Emmett who FINALLY agreed to wear a short sleeve shirt to school and yes it's ridiculous but I no longer have to fight that battle!)

• Emmett and his class and the 3 other Kinder classes performed their spring performance.  It was such a cute show and Emmett actually sang and did the motions! He made us proud up there!

• Emmett, always on the back row

• Theo continued to master riding his "cycle." This kid is a natural!

• We officially bought our first home on May 5, 2016.  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

• We worked with an awesome realtor who even dabbles in babysitting!

• Theo showcased some bold fashion choices at Mom's Day Out

• Eric took the boys to Gulley park to "fro woks in da wahder" at the creek (while mom unpacked).

• Theo helped mama "water" the plants

• And looked cute doing it!

• John Michael and Alex welcomed little Warren Cole Davis on May 17, 2016

• More trips to Gulley Park with dad while mom unpacks (did I mention we can walk to Gulley from our new house?)

• Theo watched some construction workers one day after MDO

• Emmett became a Kindergarten graduate!!! Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Faulkner

• We spent Memorial Day weekend with these crazies

• Rosie was officially introduced to the family (everyone is in love!)

• We enjoyed grilled burgers at my parents' house with lots of family

• We lucked out and missed the (never-ending) rain and got a nice, cool evening

• The great-grandmas met baby Warren for the first time and ooh and ahh...

• I mean, they were looking at this sweet face!

• The older kids chatted up GeeGee

• Mr. Theo got patriotic for Memorial Day

That about sums up April and May, but I do have pics and some video to share from Emmett's SIXTH birthday!  That deserves it own post, though.  Soon, I promise!


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