Saturday, April 9, 2016

Theo's 2nd birthday party

We celebrated Theo's second birthday with a very low key party at one of our favorite restaurants, Slim Chicken's!  We invited our family in town and I brought a homemade cookie cake to the restaurant.  We ordered a bunch of chicken tenders, fries and drinks for everyone and had a blast celebrating this little beast of a boy.  Slim's is one of the few places where Theo will actually eat something (tenders, fries, mac n cheese) so it's a nice, stress-free place to go as a family.

Before we headed to Slim's, we took advantage of a beautiful morning and let Theo open his gifts from us and my parents.  We got him a Strider balance bike because he loves ride-on toys, but still has trouble with pedals (just like his older bro), and most ride-ons are built for, ahem, smaller toddlers.  My parents got him a helmet and a bouncy ball.  This kid loves a good ball, but we really didn't have a decent one so Momsie and Pops remedied that.  Check out his reaction below...


He wasted no time getting started.

Big brother was so excited about his new bike.

Dad putting his "hat" on

This was his face when we began to sing Happy Birthday to him.  He does this when he's embarrassed!

He quickly got over it and saw the candles

Dad helped him blow out the candles

Sweet boy!

Uncle J and Aunt Alex watch him take down a huge piece of cookie cake.

Cooper is enamored with his older cousins, always watching intently.

Dad giving Theo a birthday tickle.

Aunt Sara, Uncle Kenni and Cooper came to wish Theo a Happy Bday (and Cooper apparently wanted the Paw Patrol car).

Aunt Alex, Uncle J (and baby Warren!) gave Theo some bday love.

Momsie and Pops have been able to spend so much more time with Theo since we've moved and been living with them.  I love the bond they are developing.

Last pic of the day, can you tell?!


Back home we went for some more "cycle" riding.

Big brother found some old toys to play with.

I could squeeze him!!

What a little ham.

Just a boy and his bike.  Happy birthday, Theo!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Theo at 2 years old

Theo is 2 years old now and he looks every bit a 4 year old.  He wears 4T/5T clothing and snacks all day long!  If I keep him out of the kitchen he can be distracted enough not to get a "SNAAK" but if we are downstairs he finds his way there almost subconsciously.  He eats lots of fruit, yogurt and cheese and loves to snack on peanuts, cereal, crackers, fruit snacks and yogurt bites.  He will occasionally eat meat (typically chicken nuggets), but prefers protein in the form of peanut butter.

Here are his 2 year stats:
Weight: 39 lbs. (over 100%th percentile) up 5 lbs. from 18 months
Height: 38 in. (over 100%th percentile) up almost 2 in. from 18 months

Listen guys, he's off the charts in every measurement, so we are in uncharted territory as far as percentiles go.  Eric did some looking and it seems Theo is the height of a 3 year old and the weight of a 5 year old. I remember back when Emmett was his age and we thought he was a big dude.  Oh, what we didn't know then.  Emmett was tall, but Theo has him beat by a couple inches and almost NINE POUNDS.  My back hurts just typing that.

Innovative taco consumption.

Soon the transformation into mini-Pops will be complete.
Like most toddlers, Theo has  begun to recognize the "fun" things that big kids and adults can do and he wants to do them, too.  Things like brushing your teeth and drinking water from a cup.  Why do adults get to have ALL the fun?!

Theo's got some cute baby buns!

Taking the lead on our walk at Wilson Park

He is a chatty little guy, too.  Mostly he just talks and talks by repeating things until he is recognized verbally by anyone else.  But he's also picked up expressions and manners and will typically say "OH HI, _______!" when he sees someone he knows.   

He also says these phrases a ton:
"No wan dis" - I don't want this
"Whaa happen?"
"Pawtrol" - Paw Patrol
"Wan some" - I want some (of that food you're eating, typically)
"Emmett, get down!" - one day he disciplined Emmett for kneeling in his chair.  The student has become the master.
"I runnin'"
"Cwimb-on" - climb on

I really wish I could remember more of the stuff he says (why do I never write anything down?!), but suffice it to say he understands a ton and is very verbal.

Theo loves to play with ride-on toys, go down slides (he's quite brave) and has also become newly obsessed with the TV show Paw Patrol.  He can name all of the little pups and knows their sayings. "Rubble, on the double!" 

Ninja Turtle fun.

Having fun at Imagine play place.

Theo is as carefree and happy as ever and please note Emmett in the background complaining about something (aka the dynamic of their lives).

Theo is so funny and goofy and happy.  He is constantly making us laugh with the things he does and says.  He seems to like the spotlight thus far, always enjoying when someone watches him do something.  He loves when we laugh at him.  He will play mock-embarrassment, but I think he loves the attention. 

Don't get me wrong, he can also throw a toddler-size tantrum in a hot minute and you'll wish you were 100 miles away.  But I find it especially hard to stay mad at this face...

Helmet hair

"Now this is a story, all about how..."

What could be cuter than this?
It's really tough for me to resist a good bath time pic with Theo.  Something about seeing that big ol' belly and his hair slicked back just makes me smile.

His "mile"

Sesame Street characters about the walk the plank.

Be still my heart.
I took some video of Theo in the bath and asked him his colors mostly so I could record his new favorite thing of saying "um" before everything.  His color accuracy is still close to like 50% but he sure is cute!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Home Depot Kids Workshops

Home Depot hosts a free Kids Workshop on the first weekend of every month and we took advantage in March.  The boys made wagons.  Emmett hammered every nail and wanted to build it all himself.  Theo did pretty good, too.  My idea of a success for him is: no injuries.  He even held the hammer and did some nailing!  After the wagons were built, the boys let dad take them for a fast ride in the car-cart.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sleeping beauty

I can count on one hand the times Theo has fallen asleep outside his crib (not including a carseat), and the majority of those times has been since we moved to Fayetteville.  Since Emmett NEVER did this and since sleeping children are so freakin' adorable, I usually take about 20 pictures every time it happens.  Here are some of my favorites...

Those eyelashes.  That tuft of hair on the side.  His sweet little hand.  I let him sleep like this for 20 minutes.

This was right after he woke up.  It's usually a time fraught with animosity.

Theo fell asleep one morning while Pops was watching him.  Look at little mouse-el under his feet!

This is why instagram was invented.

Saved the best for last.  Theo fell asleep sitting up after refusing to take a nap earlier in the day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Amazeum visit

In February we visited the Children's Amazeum in Bentonville and the kids had a blast.  Lots of things to see and touch and plenty of room to run around.  Here are some highlights...

Theo found a "swide" early on and dominated it for a while.

This system of tubes with air flowing through them was a favorite...

...and it usually left Theo a little windblown!

Theo liked running back and forth on the rope bridge.

He could also be found in the big "twuck" a lot.

Time to pick some apples!  And in Theo's case, throw them whenever he got the chance.

Emmett impressed by scaling this giant climbing course - twice!

T-Bone meets a T-bone...mind blown.
There was a cool spot in the back of the Amazeum with a large TV and a couple of camera buttons.  I pushed the buttons every second or so and Emmett did what he does best - roll around on the floor.  The result?  5 seconds of pure kid ridiculousness.

Then, as we were leaving, we saw a cool machine that makes giant smoke ring puffs when you push it.  So we gave that a go, too.

All in all, a pretty fun way to spend a Saturday!


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